Cold & Sharp Metal (No, It's Not A Knife)

Last week I found myself on Regent Street entering H&M, that hasn't happened in a while. After checking out their make up and hosiery (I bought a set of only black socks for the first time - before, only coloured socks could convince me), I went to the jewellery stands. And between all these big and bold jewels I spied a pack of silver rings - sleek, clean cut and in various sizes. Immediately I took it with me, happy about my new jewellery find. The last time I bought some, it was the claw ring from Asos which I got exactly one year ago. Wow, that's a new record!
And what happened then? I saw the same pack of rings but in gold! Of course I got both, how could you decide between them? Worn together, they look even better. Even more with a third metallic shade like my bronze nailpolish, 380 Golden Totem by Rimmel.
And the best thing is that I can wear them under my gloves. The only option with this messy weather...
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  1. I definitely need these in my life. I'm obsessing over rose gold lately, so these will look great with the bits I've already got xx

    1. Yep, you SO need these :D Rose gold is beautiful, but these rings are just gold, the last photo shows how they actually look xx


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