Les Néréides Jewellery

Another beautiful discovery during LFW in The Exhibition was Les Néréides. Their jewellery is so delicate and tender, and you can really see the hard work which has been put into making the playful pieces. It's a really nice change from all these big, cheap-looking neon necklaces with which the shops are filled at the moment. Jewellery should be about charming and wonderful, even bewitching pieces. And Les Néréides certainly can say that about their collections.
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  1. Did take a look at Les Néréides collection and it was certainly nice. The LFW was very fun, even the weather was coooooold in february as always brrrrrr.

    1. So true, the weather has been super freezing lately, hope LFW in September will be better...

  2. These are a set of photos showing Fashion Jewellery in their small size & handy designs. The second photo shows a cute looking "G" Letter Jewellery that too preserved in a cute looking jewellery box. Thanks for sharing these pictures with all of us.


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