Let The Internship Season Begin!

ZARA blouse
ZARA trousers
ZARA coat
FOREVER 21 necklace

Yesterday was my first day as intern at Elle magazine, it was great! Everyone's friendly and helpful, and I get to peek behing the scenes. Mainly I'll be working in the fashion cupboard - doing returns and checking out all the new clothes, shoes and accessories. I'll be at Elle for about two weeks, then comes the next mag, then another one, and then the fourth one. Internship season was pretty much the best term to describe the following months! But I'm really excited as the magazines I'll be working at are super well known. Can't wait to assist at shoots again and meet all the people. The next months will surely be fun!

Photography by Emmanuel
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Shoe Friday #95

Balenciaga's studs look much better on their wedges than on their bags. Just love the assortment of the different sizes and finishes.
Happy hols guys!
image via mytheresa.com
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There you go; you can see how my new hair colour looks in even brighter daylight. I really like it; it's more subtle and more unusual than red.

Currently I'm researching Lush face products, literally planning a haul! What are your favourites?

Photography by Emmanuel
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Shoe Friday #94

Found a super pretty sandal on Asos this week! Its shape is just lovely and the colour combo too. Get this cutie here.
Have a fun weekend everyone!
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Hey Girl!

Bumped into always stylish Marianne from Style Devil at LFW. Her outfits are way to cool for us!
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A Novel On Hair Modelling

During the last week of February, I went to see two different hair dressers. One for colouring and the other one for cutting my hair. And I paid only £10 for the colour. How come?

The answer is hair-modelling. On Sunday, the day before my colour appointment, I typed in 'free hair' into Gumtree and browsed trough the advertisements. I found two trainees which were available in the next days and quickly arranged an appointment with them. There are always training hair stylists who look for models to improve their skills. But don't be shocked, you won't come out of the salon looking like a scarecrow as they've been training for months or even years. These guys now what they're doing and they're supervised as well. Of course, they want to do the best they can and impress their boss, who regularly checks your hair and, additionally to the trainee, talks with you about your hair request.

So I went to the first salon on Monday in the evening and was treated just like a regular client and offered water and magazines (which always lighten up my face ;-) ). Rebecca firstly asked me what I wanted to achieve with my hair, listened carefully and didn't seem annoyed when I repeated myself 3000 times. She then examined my hair and wrote down its features and later her supervisor arrived and asked me again what I wanted the outcome to be. I felt safe (but you never know, you know). Also, hair is not that important for me as other girls. Like I always tell my hairdressers, "Pfff, it grows back..". Whatever they might do to me, I'll survive (unlike many women).
The whole experience went well, she dyed my hair, the roots first and then the rest, washed it off, twice with shampoo and once with conditioner, then blow-dryed and straightened my hair. And I paid only £10! Amazing! It took four hours, but that's because I've got much and thick hair and therefore the colour application takes longer. And of course you have to consider the waiting time for the colour to get into the hair.

Colour of the moment via @styleexplorer on Instagram

And then on Wednesday, I went to get a haircut. The salon was super cool and modern (the washing area was darkened with relaxing music playing and I didn't sit but nearly layed while my hair was being washed). This time I got offered coffee instead of magazines and Charles, the trainee, asked me about the hair cut I wanted. I didn't want anything specific, just a trim and a better shape as I'm growing out my hair (until it reaches the waist; ambitious, I know). Again, he did everything; washing (shampooing two times and conditioning once), giving me a scalp massage, cutting, blow-drying and straightening my hair. This time too, the supervisor came to examine his work and gave advice as to how Charles could improve the cut. In the end, I went out paying nothing at all. You all know how much I love a bargain (well, doesn't everyone?).

I left with well-cut and styled hair (though I had to cut a strand myself at home, it was a bit longer than the rest). Although both services were simple to perform (colouring and trimming hair is no heavy task) I must say that I had a better experience with the trainees than with fully trained hairdressers. Of course, I shall visit more trainees to be able to really confirm this and that means I'll never ever pay for a haircut again!

This is the end of the novel, I promise! Have you been to a trainee? How was your experience? Will you go again? I'm curious about other people's stories :-)

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Shoe Friday #92

Found us some pret-pretty sandals! Just to look at obviously, you don't wanna wear them in this pouring rain... Get these Jean-Michel Cazabat's here.
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& Other Stories: Prologue

Today the & Other Stories Regent Street shop opens its doors to the public, being the first one worldwide to welcome the style hungry mass. Eager to see their designs online this morning, I logged on their tumblr-like website and had a browse. Their lines (they have everything from RTW, lingerie and beauty collections, just like their younger sister H&M) are very Scandi meets French, well what else could've come out from their design studios in Stockholm and Paris? Everything is very clean and sometimes their products look a bit like Acne's, especially the shoes.

Apart of the tumblr layout, the models don't showcase the products in a traditional way, standing in front of a white wall and holding a bag. No, & Other Sotries have clearly used the worldwide success of blogs and took it to their advantage. Models walk around the city seemingly in a rush, just like Carolina Engman from Fashion Squad, dressed in the brand head to toe and posing for the photographer how a professional blogger would do.

Everything feels very now, very current. Let's see where & Other Stories will take us. Dive in chapter by chapter...
images via stories.com, collages by me
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Rock On

Here are a few of the in-your-face gems I spied during LFW. Metal tones still seem to get people's hearts racing...
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Shoe Friday #91

Personally, I'd go for the beautiful bronze heel. The colour's fantastic and the block heel has such a nice round shape. It's not too high as well! But then again the silver one is much more comfortable... Either way you'll have some simple French chic going on in your shoe wardrobe. Have to try them on during my next visit to Zara.

images via zara.com, collage by me
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