Round 2, Here I Come!

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My internship at Elle came to an end on Friday, but instead of mourning I look forward to interning at Asos magazine from tomorrow. I learned much and witnessed a real-life work environment. The Elle staff is super friendly and even at stressful times knew to work under pressure - just like the pros. It was insightful to observe their thoughts and see how they take on tasks. Interning really can be more important than a degree and will definitely help you break into the industry.
This is not my first internship but without a doubt one of the best ones yet. I can't wait to see what I'll learn and come across in the next few months.
Finally, I was also snapped for What Elle Wears, see the photos here. Photographer Victoria obviously takes amazing photos (check out her portfolio) and loved hearing about her work. I'm always the one chatting with photographers, you learn so much!
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