Ombre Life

 MUUBAA leather jacket
H&M cardigan
H&M waistcoat
ZARA shirt
ZARA jeans
DIESEL shoes 
D&G watch
ASOS backpack
TOPSHOP necklace
H&M rings 

Whipping my newly coloured hair during the lunch break at InStyle magazine. Love the ombre effect, best thing ever. They told me, "It's going ombre into your jacket!". That was the plan.

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My new scrunchie - red'n'rad / Dipping my nails in gold
Parts of the amazing view from the canteen on the 11th floor at InStyle
 Customised my trusty pink iPhone case - LOVE IT! / Stuffing my face with goodness

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Let's see what the next week'll bring. Have a good one, fellas!
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Dreams Of Summer

 ZARA dress
MUUBAA jacket
H&M sunglasses

Can't wait for summer! Long warm evenings, strolls on the beach, eating ice cream every day, taking cold showers, wearing bikinis, jumping into the sea for the first time... I want to spend this summer on the beach for as long as possible, breathing in every air molecule smelling of the sea. I want to hide from the hot sun during midday and read a book in a shadowy patisserie. I want to wear a long and very colourful or plain white dress and feel the slight breeze on my legs. I want to spend the night dancing away to a classic summer song. I want to ride to the beach in the morning and grab freshly made croissants on the way. Soon.......

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Pass Me Needle & Thread

A new label has landed people, and it's exciting. Needle & Thread, brainchild of Hannah Coffin, former design director at All Saints, focuses on short and happy mini dresses with skirts and longer designs thrown in to keep things interesting. Asos got lucky as Needle & Thread's debut collection is only available to buy from the online mecca. It was actually in the last days of my internship when I spied one of the sequined dresses and its skirt version. I thought it looked a lot like something glitzy from All Saints - that's when the Fashion Assistant told me about the connection between both. Yeeep, I know my stuff!
The only downside to the whole thing is that most of the dresses are 100% Polyester. And with prices ranging from £95 - £195, I'd expect silk and not the £2 per meter version. Shop the 25 piece collection here.

Shoe Friday #100

It's Shoe Friday #100! It also coincided with my last day at Asos magazine - can't believe three weeks went like that - it all happened so fast! But it always does when you enjoy what you're doing :-)
To celebrate, I've selected a shoe which has been winking at me in the fashion cupboard - haven't tried it on though. What did you think - we're not playing dress-up there ;-)

I'll stop doing the Shoe Fridays now; from now on when I see pretty shoes, I'll share them with you instantly and won't wait til Friday. But this won't turn into a shoe blog; instead I want to inject more variety and blog more and about various things. I'm taking my camera with me again this weekend, so lets see what I'll catch. Have a good one folks and enjoy the three days off :D
Emily xxx

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