Brick Lane Sundays

ZARA shirt
ZARA waistcoat
MUUBAA leather jacket
 RIVER ISLAND leggings
ZARA shoes
ASOS backpack
H&M rings
D&G watch

On Sunday we strolled around Brick Lane market where my friend and I smelled all sorts of food, listened to a guy beatboxing incessantly and saw things we've never encountered before, free stuff for you to take home being one example. The guy who was behind it also told a story where a boy gave away all his ex-girlfriend's stuff for free after they broke up, including underwear... As I like to say, things like that only happen in London!

Topshop Unique AW13: Best Accessories

Unique launched their AW13 collection today and I quickly went online to look at the accessories which impressed me at their show in February. And found them - well some of them. Still waiting to see the shoes from look one - or are they already sold out?
Texture is the focal point of the collection which carries many contrasting fabrics and shapes. What they all have in common is the strong look they create when combined. Heavy shoes, super chunky chains on bags and the sparkliest sequins combined in one fierce jumpsuit definitely show who's the boss. Let's all emulate this look and show what we're made of!

Images via, collage by me

Black Out In The Park

 H&M dress
ZARA hat
H&M sunnies

Jumping around in a dress once more but this time it's totally black. No flowers, no beach hair - the only colour is that super tiny splash of yellow on my wrist and a bit of burgundy and blue on my boots and hat. Speaking of that - it was one of my two buys from Zara in Spain. Love the shape and chain detail.

But only two buys? I thought I'd find more! Well, next time...

Photography by Emmanuel
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