And So It Begins...

Fashion month is upon us and I am in major fan-girl mode once again. Don't we all love experiencing the buzz of the fresh, new and super covetable? I certainly do. 
I browsed to see the first collections of NYFW and found some cool, easy-to-wear pieces which you could pull off right now. Too bad they'll only hit the stores next spring, am I right? Scroll down and start swooning.
First of all we have Chadwick Bell seducing us with clean cuts and on point layering. I picked out some black and white looks although the collection also offers brick red, cotton candy pink and camel hues. Comfort continues to be on trend - Yes to mobility, no to heels.
Uh, ah, YEAH! Thought something similar when I saw the Nicholas K look on the very top. Layers + asymmetry + fringing + black leather jacket (including rolled up sleeves and popped collar) + badass don't-mess-with-me dark green = Big. Thumbs. Up. The collection is a nice break from all the ├╝ber-minimalism. Would wear everything minus the horsehair.
Aaaand we're back to minimal. Who would actually have thought that I seem to be kind of into it? Hmm. These two looks by Derek Lam 10 Crosby convinced me with their relaxed styling and modest designs. This reminds me - still need to find a jumpsuit.

Let's see what else the fashion season has in store for us. Stay tuned.

Collages by me, images via

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