Toga SS15 / Mirror Mirror On My Shoulder

While half the fashion industry is freezing over there in NY (and probably almost running onto the catwalk to rip some AW15 coats off the models), here in London it definitely feels more like spring. The temperature's up, cherry blossoms start appearing and there's more hope generally that this winter's gonna end at some point (at least on my side).

So let's think back to mid-September when Toga showed their SS15 collection. It was superb on so many levels. Normally, I'm not into geometrical, almost architectural designs but Toga managed to give it a softer, more human spin. Sheer fabrics, pleated tulle and delicate threads added warmth to the collection without taking away from its almost dramatic vibe. But the detail that stuck with me the most was the inclusion of mirrors as little accents on clothes and accessories. Whether it's a nod to today's (manic) self-obsession or was just used, ya know, because it looks pretty, it definitely ups the game of Toga's collection. Personally, I loved the little mirror accessory which you can wear on your shoulder. Or like a necklace. Or something. You can definitely make it your own. Thumbs up, Toga. Now I'm ready for some AW15 mirrors.

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